It’s a Christmas Miracle!

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A small Christmas update has (by accident) led to something big, a miracle actually! So let’s start with that small Christmas update: This new strain is a cheeky Christmas inspired strain you can grow at level 17! Not for a … Continued

Version 1.2 Now Available On

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With the wait for my tax details to get authorized by steam. I’ve been working hard on version 1.2 which i wrote about in my last blog post. Well i’m glad to say this latest version is not only finished … Continued

Greenlit and Version 1.2 in the works!

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Time fly’s by so fast, it’s true. Though still it does feel a long time ago that I finally took the plunge and put iGrow Game on steam greenlight. Nearly half a year ago actually. Still, despite losing faith that … Continued

Oh… An Update!

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Ok so although I practically promised to fix the bugs in the game on the forums. Unfortunately I didn’t quite get around to it. Like everything in life things change. I’ve started developing small projects for android in an entirely … Continued

30% Off!

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iGrow is now 30% off for the next week. So go try it out   Happy Growing, -iDev

Avira False Positive

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After a lot of testing and research it appears avira is flagging igrow game up as a false positive. So i’ve wrote up a handy tutorial to allow igrow game as an exception on avira. Otherwise avira removes the game … Continued

75% Easter Sale

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Starting now you can pick up your copy of igrow game for only 50p! Get in quick though, the offer ends Sunday at midnight!   Happy growing!

30% of all purchases go to

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Since the release of igrow game, as you should already know, has helped me bring igrow game to all of you. Although an immense amount of stress and effort has gone into developing igrow game by myself. I have … Continued

Version v1.12 Quick Fix

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After being notified about some of the UI elements cutting off on none widescreen resolutions. I’ve done a quick fix by moving these ui elements. If you use a widescreen resolution you will be better off using the past version … Continued

Announcement! Natural Survivor

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For awhile now I had this game in mind and started work on it while developing igrow game! Lately things started to take shape so i decided to announce Natural survivor!   After a plane crash you find yourself stranded, … Continued

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