Inside The Rooms, Sneak Peak!

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So in my last post I explained a bit about the structure of the game. So far just to recap. You will be able to buy multiple rooms from multiple floors in a dingy old tower block. Now keep in mind that these screenshots are from the development so far, they could change before release.


Ok so you have a room with dingy wallpaper and lot’s of see through cubes floating around. I know this all seems a bit strange though this is the positioning of certain objects which will allow the player to set properties and so on so forth. Like everything I’ve showed so far, I won’t go into detail. Things will make much more sense within the next update. Still no sign of plants, though I am starting to get to the stage where the plant’s will be my next job. The next update will show off some of the equipment and menus.



One more quick screenshot of that wooden floor.

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