Purchasing Rooms?

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So I thought it’s time to explain a bit more about the game so people can start getting an idea. I will not go into great depth as you will just have to wait and see.


So hopefully the first screenshot’s have made you wonder what’s the deal with the lift. Well unlike other farming games, iGrow focuses completely on indoor growing. The game is set inside a tower block. Within the tower block you are able to purchase flats. These will be your growing rooms.


As you can see the tower block has 10 floors to this. Which is actually, randomly generated per account, though I will explain this in depth in the future.




Buying flats is already integrated into the game. Well actually there is a lot more then that integrated, though you will have to wait and see.


Hopefully things are making a bit more sense now. In the next update I will show off the rooms and maybe even a little more.

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