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So you may have noticed you didn’t get to see the plant’s in any of the video’s so far. Soon I will show them off in a video and go into much more depth. There’s just a few systems I would like to put in place first so you will get the full effect. Though originally I didn’t show the plant’s because I wasn’t happy with them. Even though I must have modeled and animated many plants, none of them i felt were good enough. They looked like models rather then plants.

For the past two weeks I went back to try, try and try again. I’ve finally finished the new model which I am happy to show you. Now you might be wondering why I am mentioning one model when there are many strains of weed. We’ll to keep it short I am aiming for the plants to change appearance while always being the same model. Unfortunately I don’t think it will make sense to add multiple models in at this point or even at all. Though we will see when the future comes I guess.


So here’s the previews.



Due to getting the shadows looking right on the plants i’ve had to change the lighting system a bit, this most likely will change more but still. Let me know what you think by leaving a comment!

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