iGrow Game is now single player only

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Well, luckily spending my time preparing for anything has paid off. The pre alpha has showed me that the server infrastructure did not work as planned. Players struggled to connect to the server, while the server continued to restart constantly. It’s been far too much to handle for a single developer.

So what does this mean? It mean’s i’ve decided to take a different strategy with iGrow, instead of the plants growing while your offline, you now have the freedom to speed up and slow down your game. Giving you complete control of how you want to play.


So is this still a pre alpha?

No, iGrow game is now a full game. The pre alpha was the beginning test to see how the server would hold up. It didn’t, the idea was then to move on to develop the server functionality with MMO features. Till the final release.


There may be updates in the future though i have no planned functionality at the current time. Go to http://igrowgame.itch.io/igrow-game to download the game.


Happy Growing!

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