Isn’t variety great?

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So as i said before i’d be posting up until release a little more towards release. The past 2 days was dedicated to getting the plants to where they need to be. Keep in mind, though the pre alpha release is coming real soon. It is going to contain bugs and defiantly not as many features and polish as I would like. Though at the same time this is the reason for the pre alpha. By supporting the work I’ve done you will then be getting all the work that is still to come. There will be updates, more polish, bug fixes and as many features as I can get from my head into code. Without your help, I can’t make sure iGrow goes into the right direction for everyone.

By supporting me and my development of iGrow, you will be helping towards a very unique and wonderful creation that could become… almost anything. Who know’s for sure, all I know is iGrow has already outgrew my expectations in some areas of my ability’s.

None the less, I now have over 30 different strains for you to unlock and grow in the pre alpha. I’ve integrated the system to hopefully to be pretty expandable. Even writing my own little program to help me make the plants. Here’s a screenshot of 4 of the strains!

Wasn’t easy, sure looks pretty though!

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