How much longer do we have to wait?

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Errghhh, nothing is more frustrating then waiting for a game in development. I hope excitement levels are starting to rise for iGrow, even though i’ve got so much more to do. That being said, I now have 2 weeks off from work (holiday) and as my secret release date has been in my head the entire time. Not only this, I set out to develop a certain amount of functionality to the game for the pre-alpha. What i did set out to do I achieved which is fantastic and has gotten me very excited. Not only that but I also managed to remodel the rooms a tower block insides which wasn’t on the list but was needed desperately.


So with that said, when can you expect to get your hands on the first pre-alpha build and start growing and selling cannabis in the iGrow world? Well I might (personally) regret announcing this. The sleepless nights thinking about what needs to be done most likely are about to get worse.


I’m aiming for the first pre-alpha build to be released by the end of the week! That’s right, in one week’s time you will be able to try out the first build for yourselves!


Keep checking up over this week as I start to release more details of what you’ll expect to be getting in the first release! So exciting!!