30% of all purchases go to Itch.io

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Since the release of igrow game, as you should already know, itch.io has helped me bring igrow game to all of you. Although an immense amount of stress and effort has gone into developing igrow game by myself. I have to say, i’ve admired that the owner of itch.io has not taken anything out of the pockets of us gamers and developers that have purchased games like igrow on itch.io. Despite the cost’s of servers and development the owner has put into making itch.io a reality. Like iGrow game, itch.io was developed by the owner and he deserves money for his creation as much as any other developer who uses the itch.io marketplace does.

Recently, itch.io has given the option for developers to share a percentage of each game sale. Though developers like me have been given the option to give nothing or all of a sale to itch.io, i’ve decided to give 30% of each sale. So now is a great time to not only get a great game for just £1.99 but to also know you aren’t just supporting me and my future as an indie game developer, your also supporting itch.io to become a better and more popular marketplace. That’s a win win in my eyes.

Don’t forget to get in on the forums so we can talk about the future of igrow game and natural survivor.


Also to finish off, I would just like to say a big thank you to everyone who’s purchased iGrow game so far! It means the world to me!


Happy Growing!

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