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Ok so although I practically promised to fix the bugs in the game on the forums. Unfortunately I didn’t quite get around to it. Like everything in life things change. I’ve started developing small projects for android in an entirely different game engine that i used for iGrow, on a totally different machine (a tablet), which is why I haven’t worked on iGrow. ┬áiGrow game was a huge project when I started it and during my journey with it, at most points it didn’t look like I would finish iGrow. That being said, when I did finish and release it. It didn’t attract the sizable audience i was hoping for. I was in such a rush to release iGrow I didn’t spend the time with the game like I should have. I was frustrated, tired and had enough of this game. I started seeing little future with it and moved on without much of a second glance at the game.

Since then, i’ve had a continued support from some wonderful people who wanted to play iGrow and have brought it! I really appreciate it! More then a year has passed since the initial release now. I’ve moved away from 3D game development as I have less and less time to start big projects in 3D. Which has given me a chance to look back and play what i’ve made, with fresh eyes. I like what i’ve done but feel terrible with the bug ridden problems that can completely break or frustrate anyone who would want to play the game seriously.

So i’ve got my head back into this ma mouth code base and fixed some of the more noticeable game breaking bugs! That’s not to say everything might be perfect. I’ve been play testing aswell, so far I haven’t noticed anything else but at the moment I had to get version 1.13 out as it does fix the major ones (i hope).

No promises as usual, though I hope to polish off the game with a few other version releases in the future. At the moment to celebrate and to raise the game’s profile a little higher. I’ve made iGrow game free as a pay what you would like special un till the new year. Hopefully this could bring in some much needed support and hopefully drive me to make iGrow the best it can be.

Thank you again for everyone’s support, don’t forget to tell me what you think over email admin@igrowgame.co.uk / admin@idevgames.co.uk or join the forums!

Have a great year all and as usual, happy growing!

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