Greenlit and Version 1.2 in the works!

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Time fly’s by so fast, it’s true. Though still it does feel a long time ago that I finally took the plunge and put iGrow Game on steam greenlight. Nearly half a year ago actually. Still, despite losing faith that iGrow Game would ever get greenlit. It actually happened!

So that’s fantastic news and of coarse it wouldn’t be right if I released it as is. When I decided to try for greenlight I released the very necessary 1.13 version with game breaking bug fixes. It fixes a lot of the problems I should have fixed for a long time ago. Unfortunately it was not to fix all bugs in the game. So I decided to make sure all these fixes (that I know about) were fixed.

Though that’s not all, another issue with former versions is it’s polish. Game development is incredibly difficult and I will admit, iGrow Game became a beast I never expected. Development became stuck for long periods and it did at some points look like iGrow Game may not have ever become playable. It was the main point of the game that became the un-finish able nightmare. The actual plant growing system that was essential to the game. Just before release I was unexpectedly let go from my job and I decided iGrow Game, being my most developed project, would have to get finished as I had more time while looking for another job. So I rewrote the system from scratch and finally finished it. From that point i spent only a few more weeks to finish everything else including the selling, drying and harvesting. Then I released it!

Which at that point I was so relieved I never wanted to look at it again let alone play it. Which is why it took a year or so for me to go back and tackle those game breaking bugs, which if I had played it properly at the time it would have been oblivious what they were. This rush though didn’t just leave bugs, it left an unpolished game. So without giving anything away… version 1.2 is in development and should hopefully make iGrow Game even better. Thanks for everyone’s support and fingers crossed I don’t have problems deploying on steam. I will be updating the demo this time too so everyone will be able to try 1.2 as it should be. I don’t want to say what might go into 1.2 as I don’t like to promise anything as at the moment I just don’t know.

Thank you for everyone who has brought iGrow Game and supported me as an indie developer. Don’t forget to check out some of the other game development I’ve done not relating to iGrow Game at including my android games or even try them out on my very own online HTML5 game arcade. If you want to contact me then drop me an email at or follow and message me on @iDev_Games and @HTML5arcade. Would also be great if you joined the forums and tell me what you really think.

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