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With the wait for my tax details to get authorized by steam. I’ve been working hard on version 1.2 which i wrote about in my last blog post.

Well i’m glad to say this latest version is not only finished but is now available on! The update is all about play ability tweaks and game improvements. The idea was to fix and polish up the game so it was the best it could be for it’s release on steam. Admittedly, how it should have been on it’s initial release on

I’ve not only fixed the game but i’ve also had a lot of play time on it and I have to say the new improvements make all the difference. I’ve produced and added game music into the game and reworked many of the sounds while also adding more. Another addition is the settings menu which will allow you to change the volumes between the music and game sounds.



The settings menu will now let you choose between some graphics options as well as optimised fullscreen and windowed mode.

lightOff lightOn

From lighting tweaks to bug fixes, iGrow Game has undertook many small and slight adjustments as well as major code rewrites to make the game play and feel how it should.

This new update is now available to download now. Best of all you can also try the new version as well in the new demo available at

  1. Patrik Novotný

    I can’t leave the settings, I must always turn off the game 🙁 Repair that please 🙁

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