The First Preview!

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If you haven’t noticed you are now presented with the first insight in the the game’s mechanics on the homepage! Not going to go into detail about anything yet. Just letting everyone know, progress is being made!

Inside The Rooms, Sneak Peak!

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So in my last post I explained a bit about the structure of the game. So far just to recap. You will be able to buy multiple rooms from multiple floors in a dingy old tower block. Now keep in … Continued

Purchasing Rooms?

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So I thought it’s time to explain a bit more about the game so people can start getting an idea. I will not go into great depth as you will just have to wait and see.   So hopefully the … Continued

Welcome To

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Welcome to, iGrow is a game i’ve been developing already for sometime. I decided the game has start to take shape and it was time to let the world know about my idea. So what is iGrow? iGrow is … Continued

Saira’s Boutique

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Saira has completed her fashion designing course recently and has opened a boutique for ladies and kids. Where she do embroidery and painting works on different

Sheep Hunter

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Place your spaceship on specified tile which is locked. Collect all the sheep’s to get the tile unlocked. Try less time to score maximum.

Pottery Store

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Felcia has just opened a pottery painting shop . During her school vacation she moulded a lots of variety of pots in different shapes. You have to help her pain


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JiggyPuzzle is classical jigsaw game-the goal is to connect pieces together in one image. But with nice features like: save your progress, point system and you

Jhansis Ride

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Jhansi ki Rani is on her horse ride session. You control the ride with the arrow keys. You should avoid incoming horse riders as well as the local people who ar

Airport Control

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You work for ATC, Airport Traffic Control. Click an airplane before it goes out of screen to make it land. Perform the tasks to gain points. Make sure the plane

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